Monday, April 6, 2009

TBTL's 304-aversary

Hey 10s. The metablog's a bit backed up, but that should resolve itself this week. But I wanted to quickly give you all info about all the remote locations for this Friday's celebration of TBTL's 304th episode. Of course, for you actual Seattleites, there's TBTL's party at Spitfire. But at least in NYC, and maybe in Denver (Tenverites - let me know), we're happy to use this excuse to get together for some quality T&E.

New York:
12th St Ale House
192 2nd Ave, at 12th St.
For ease of finding us - Chris will be wearing a TBTL t-shirt. 11s and on up are, of course, welcome, but no one should - as I did with karaoke - feel like you need a security blanket friend. (That's what I called mine.) Email me with questions, to let us know you're coming, or - hi, socially anxious 10s, I am one of you - if you want my cell # for ease of stranger-finding.

Patrick Carroll's
3963 Tennyson St
The Tenverites Facebook page has more info, including a for-ease-of-finding-strangers cell #.

Any other cities? Let me know!

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Tenver Robin said...

We should do something fun to connect the Tenver and NYC meetups! Maybe we could do a drunken conference call to the show?