Tuesday, May 12, 2009

A Few for the Price of... Something That's Free Anyway: Ryan in LA, Anna in Jersey City, Laura Marie in Asheville, NC

Here's a multi-ten post to give you some extra exciting reading this lovely exciting Tuesday morning:

Ryan, an LA time-bandit, writes, "I've been blogging on MySpace since I started my computer job four-and-a-half years ago. Mostly now it's just stuff that really catches my fancy or stuff that pimps my band or stuff that I don't want to lose track of." Her blog can be found here. The top post right now opens with, "Oh god I love Alan Tudyk," which is always good in my book. Ryan is also on twitter: @blutortu.

Anna of Jersey City (or, for those of us at the NYC Holiday Karaoke party, "Anna of performing Jay-Z's '99 Problems' and totally killing it") has a sweet blog called Iwanttowearit. It's about art and fashion and all things related. She also twitters.

And rounding out today's trifecta, Laura Marie of the Asheville, NC tens. Her blog is called Learning to Love Us. It's a collective art project inspired by Miranda July's Learning to Love You More.


Friday, May 8, 2009

Adam in KC: adamtruax.com

Remember how during the Thunderdome Beach Diet, reference was made to a CRAZY Ten who'd be doing $3/day for a month?!?

Well, here he is. And here's his blog!
I am from Kansas City, and started listening to TBTL about 2 weeks ago. [This email was sent in February, so it's now been a little longer than that. -Ed.] Since then I time bandit the show from the night before while I am working in the morning and usually listen to one random show in the afternoon. I can't think of a better way to pass the time at work. For fun I volunteer with middle school and high school students, they tend to keep me pretty busy. Oh and I love the KC Royals, even though they are horrible.
I am also on Twitter at www.twitter.com/adamtruax

Adam's Thunderdome Beach exploits are also documented on his blog, as are my comments exhorting him to EAT VEGETABLES.

TBTL is mom impersonators.

Thursday, May 7, 2009

Nick from the Kansas City Area: Le Suerg

Today's 10blog is from Nick in Kansas ("from the Kansas City area, specifically"):

My blog is “Le Suerg” at http://lesuerg.blogspot.com/. It’s a fairly generic blog, containing links to my favorite web gems, writings about other stuff that I like, and generally a lot of navel-gazing, but I like to think that it’s at least mildly entertaining to other people nonetheless.

Okay look people, I will take no deprecation, this "fairly generic," "at least mildly entertaining" bullcrap. Pssht. Own the awesomeness of your blogs! Don't make me bust out the "hooray for you." I've got a stadium full of cheering extras who think your blogs kick ask.

Forever rawr.

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Tanner in Brooklyn: Silent 10 No More!

Way back in the early days of the Metablog (also, hi, yes, I'm back from being a lazy bum), I got an email that started, "My name is Tanner, I am a silent 10 from brooklyn. I am also a blogger." Who'd have known that, thanks to the magic of the internet, podcasts, the radio, and beer, I would know Tanner, frequently corresponding with him on twitter and knowing him as an awesome fellow NYC Ten.

Lesson being: Tens, don't be silent. Also: once you email me about the Metablog, you're not silent any more!

So Tanner has an awesome blog called Tanner Ringerud is Internet. Says Tanner:
I set it up when I was moving to New York so my old friends back in Colorado could keep track of me. It's not anything special, just me talking about how mundane my life is and posting funny links I find on the internet. I also talk about all the crazy stuff that happens all the time in Brooklyn, like the time I saw a guy pooping off a bridge into the gowanus canal.
Tanner also - so this is actually great timing, me waiting to update the Metablog till now - just launched a kickass webseries called Must Love Robots. Yes, the ironic love of robots (like pirates and bacon) is verboten in TBTListan, but the sincere love of robots lives on, just like bacon is still tasty and sea shanties are still some catchy tunes.

Silent Tens pulled forcibly from obscurity, one at a time.