Thursday, March 26, 2009

Kate in Berlin: Kate is on the Internets!

Are there other Tens in Berlin, such that it would be offensive/inaccurate for me to refer to Kate as TBTL's Berliner ambassador? I know it would be inaccurate use of the word "Berliner," but other than that?

Kate writes a blog called Kate is on the Internets!, which I guess is either meta or self-evident, or both. Or maybe a tautology?
I'm Kate, a Fulbright Scholar and Northwestern University graduate, origionally from Texas but currently living in Berlin, Germany. This is a blog about living the TBTL lifestyle abroad, sneaking into things like Berlin Fashion Week, teaching little Germans English, and getting myself into a fair ammount of trouble of the nerdtastic yet fun kind.
(I need to start using the word "nerdtastic" more.)

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