Monday, March 2, 2009

Trucker Mark: On the Road (again)

I think most TBTL listeners are familiar with Trucker Mark. If I recall, back in the days of my early tendom he was interviewed in a (now-defunct?) series about people with cool/weird/interesting jobs. (I'm sure someone remembers this better than I do - please fill us amnesiacs in in the comments.) Mark blogs about, well, I'll let him tell you:
my blog is updated maybe once or twice a week and details my life as a trucker,
the absurdity, the banality, the mind numbing bliss. you know...
The absurdity, banality, and mind numbing bliss can be found at On the Road (again). Mark also twitters from all over the country, and take some fine photographs:

(Hands on the wheel, dude.)

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Mark Bourne said...

Thanks for writing up this profile!
I was interviewed in the segment called "whatareya doin here?" (dec 23rd if anyone wants to cull the archives). I hope the segment isn't defunct, I'm still waiting on my second installment (or was luke just being polite? Hmmm.)