Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Jaime in NYC: Surplus & Cheap Healthy Good (and the TBTL Metablog?)

Well isn't this meta. I figured it's time to tell y'all about my own blogs. (I've been going through the blogs in order received, and although we can consider mine technically the first submitted, I didn't want to start off self-promotionally.) One of my blogs, I suppose, is the TBTL Metablog, but that would just be too meta, so let's move on.

I also hope everyone's okay with me not doing this in the normal style, third-person, pretending I'm not talking about myself and my own blogs.

So. Moving on.

The main blog in my life is called Surplus. I started it a few years ago as a place for extra thoughts and musings that would otherwise be rambled to my friends, to the point that they might start hating me. But I think the internet is more forgiving, or more interested. Or won't tell me to my face that it's not. I write about theatre and books, because those are things I love, but also whatever else is on my mind. Recently: the Higgs boson, a 3-months-late roundup of the best theatre and books of 2008, a play I really loved. I went through a lolcats phase, and wrote a tribute to my now-ex-roommate with those when we moved into solo apartments. I sometimes write open letters. I like science and the farmers market and baseball. To steal from Ali: the classic narcissistic blog style.

I also write a column for a fantastic website called Cheap Healthy Good. (I can call it fantastic because so much of it has nothing to do with me.) My column is called City Kitchen Chronicles (which is silly, because all three writers live in NYC, but the other columnist had already taken vegetarian eating as her theme). The whole site is full of recipes and ideas about eating healthily and really cheaply. My lentil soup costs about 80 cents a serving. We are ready for Thunderdome.

And if you're not sick of me yet, I also twitter.

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sprizee said...

Yeah you do (tweet that is) and it's awesome.