Sunday, March 22, 2009

Ali in NYC: el amor y la lechegua

Things to know about Ali from NYC:

-She coined the very awesome term "something weird" on TBTL, as in: "My something weird and I were at a movie last weekend, and we ran into his college roommate and he had no idea what to introduce me as."
-Her blog, despite all titular appearances, is not in Spanish. To wit:
My blog is el amor y la lechuga which is a reference to an episode of the Nickelodeon show "The Brothers Garcia." One of my fave kid shows, just below "Pete & Pete." [I just realized that this boy I have a crush on looks like a lost third Pete. Maybe just because he's redheaded, but still. Look at Ali's blog, bringing me to deep realizations before I've even started reading it. -Ed.] This is the second attempt I've ever made at blogging. It's mostly in the classic narcissistic blog style that many a whiny college kid would write but I try to post cool things like stuff I'm working on for class, little short films I've done, cool music videos and really boss recipes that are both easy to cook and can be easily adapted for veg heads. I also spend a lot of time talking about my nerdy love of tbtl like most of us I think. I personally think it's nifty but ya never know. I really started it up so friends could keep up with me and my personal insanity. Hope you guys might find it semi-cool.

I think it sounds beyond semi-cool, Ali. Rawr indeed.

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