Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Lisa in NYC: Dear Scott Peterson

The concept for Lisa's blog, as she put it in her email, sounds pretty straightforward, if awesomely dark and maybe a little effed up (in a really cool way): My blog, Dear Scott Peterson, is written by a fictional female who believes convicted murderer, Scott Peterson, is her soul mate and writes him love letters in prison.

And yet it's kind of even awesomer than that. Let's just look at the current most-recent post:
Dear Scott.
OMG! I just took the bus from Ohio to audition for America's Next Top Model, and check-out what happened to me while waiting in line! I'm the hottie wearing the pink tube top who is running for her life!
That is totally awesome. Lisa's a writer in NYC, and the blog is self-contained in its story - it doesn't give away its fictional nature. (So we Tens are in on a hot secret.) Rawr.


Anonymous said...

Very creative!

Ami said...

Totally cool. I love that it's fake, but that it's a secret and I'm in on it.