Thursday, March 12, 2009

Three for the Price of One, Not Counting the Tripled Wait Time

Hello Tens of Seattle and the diaspora. I'm back, only a few days after I said I would be. I'm very sorry to have introduced you to the concept of Jaime Time, and so early into things. It's like Burbank Standard Time, except instead of infuriating sailors it infuriates anyone I'm supposed to be meeting at a set time.

ANYWAY, in a probably ineffective attempt to make up for lost time (and because I have a bajillion of these in my email), I'm going to profile a few blogs here at once. Readysetgo!

Lawrence in Tenver titled his email to me "MY DUMB BLOG," which I loved. He writes:
My blog is called Race of Truth, and can be found at Race of Truth is a schizophrenic blog that combines daily gripes titled "WHAT I HATE TODAY: Your daily dose of negative energy" with daily posts about my quest to break the world record for the 24-hour inline skating time trial.

Rawr! Next up, Calvin in Eastlake won points with me by ending his email with this post-script: Sorry it didn't work out with the cute guy with the kitty! Amen, brother! So, Calvin, tell us about yourself and your blog, Stranger in a Strange Land, if you please.
I'm a database developer working Microsoft, live on Eastlake in Seattle. I specialize in "metadata" driven coding, so I share your fascinations with all things meta. My blog is about science, nature, politics, arts, culture, 4chan, memes, and religion, particularly fundamentalism.

My love of science, culture, and the internet needs no explanation, as I'm a 10. But I also share Luke's evangelical background, and although I lost my faith ages ago I've continued to learn more about Christianity. So that explains the fascination with religion. And while I'm not really a /b/tard I do lurk moar and write silly blogs about 4chan lulz.
I don't know what "4chan lulz" are, but as an avid reading of xkcd, I feel like I probably should.

And now, because things are nice when they come in threes, let's hear from Brandon in Edmonds. Brandon is another member of my 'TBTL is like a blog but on the radio' faction...
Down With Pants! is a worldwide movement against....oh who am I kidding? It's a personal blog that I've been writing for coming up on five years. I'm a stay-at-home dad (AKA unemployed) from Edmonds, Washington and my blog serves as an adult outlet for me during a day that typically is spent lost in kiddieland. I write about a lot of the same things that TBTL talks about, in fact, I think that's why I like TBTL so much. I like to think that TBTL is very much what Down With Pants! would sound like if it were somehow in a radio format.

Brandon also twitters.

And that's it for now. Unless someone can answer these pressing questions:
  • Who recorded the "Guest Producer Doug Schrecengost" drop? Surely not the man himself?
  • Has there been ANY explanation of Intern Robin's disappearance? I assume she's just not interning any more, but I don't like this secrecy! It's like when... um... the kid... on some sitcom... just went upstairs and NEVER RETURNED. And NO ONE TALKED ABOUT IT. Unless there was an explanation re: Robin, and I just missed it.
(I'm seriously asking.)



Laurie said...

Those are also my most pressing TBTL questions currently!
-nailed it-
Laurie, nearish-to-buffalo

Seth said...

I didn't even think it could NOT have been Doug Schrecengost doing it himself.

Seth said...

Boom, I just got roasted. I was timebanditting today and heard that it was in fact David Bose.

Tenver Robin said...

YEAH - what did happen to Robin Turner???? That has been bugging me for weeks, but I also feel like maybe I missed something. It's very mysterious, and makes me feel like something bad happened!