Monday, March 23, 2009

Rachel in Vienna: Views from Vienna

TBTL is big in Vienna, damn. I know of at least two Tens, and I don't even think they're married to each other. (Rachel and/or Steve, feel free to correct me.) Never mind - Steve lives in Zurich. Which is in Switzerland. Which is entirely different. And yet until going and checking Steve's twitter page just now, I think I half-thought he lived in Vienna. NEVER MIND!

But still! Rachel lives in Vienna, a lovely city where I once had a totally awesome waffle with some chocolate sauce that did not F around! But while I have 36 hours of experience of Vienna, Rachel actually lives there, so let's listen to her:
I'm a TBTL time bandit living in Vienna, Austria. I moved here from Seattle almost two years ago, but TBTL helps me feel like I'm still connected to the city that I may always consider home. In the meantime, living "abroad" is a constant adventure. My husband and I are trying to see as much of Europe as we can, and I try to blog about our travels after major trips. My blog is Views from Vienna. It's been awhile since I did a post, but I've got some trips coming up (to London and Berlin), so there should be more travel adventure stories soon.

Some of the most recent posts Rachel's got up include a trip to Barcelona (jealous!) and Preparing for Thunderdome. Totally Rawr.

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Steve E said...

I wouldn't say Austria is entirely different from Switzerland. The both have Alps, German speakers and a fair amount of yodeling. It's just a lot smaller. Europe Tens Forever!