Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Kurt in Factoria: Baine's Oscar Tracker

I really love how Kurt describes his blog, Baine's Oscar Tracker, so let's just get to that:
I have had a movie blog for about almost a year or so. It's basis of the next years Academy Awards, predictions and such things for the acting categories, directors and the films themselves. Movies and performances to look for. But I also toss in the odd news story that is actor or movie related as well. It's strictly a information/opinionated based movie blog. I don't do any bells or whistles and fancy stuff because I don't have the time and there are hundreds of movie sites out there. This is for content base only. People that just want serious movie information only.
I never thought a blog could sound so damn reasonable and practical, but it sells the thing well. I also love "Factoria," just as a word. It's no Snohomish, but then we can't all be Snohomishes, can we? Kurt's blog is really fantastic, I've got to say. (I'd call it the Snohomish of movie blogs, but Snohomish is a very bells and whistles sort of word.)

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